Antshares, The Ethereum of China?

What is the Antshares Network?

Antshares is similar to the Ethereum network in that it uses smart contracts, which Antshares calls e-contracts, in order to transfer assets between users instead of tokens like Bitcoin or Litecoin. The main reason that Antshares uses e-contracts is that its major goal is to create a financial system that can link digital assets and real-world assets. These assets include items such as stock equities and financial contracts which have very complicated divisions of rights between the parties involved that often cannot be represented using tokens.

The Two Components

There are actually two components to the Antshares system: Antshares and Antcoins (ANC). The Antshares themselves represent one’s ownership of the Antshares Blockchain. There are only 100 million Antshares total and this number cannot be altered or increased with each additional block that is added to the blockchain. The second component, Antcoins, serve as the right of using the Antshares blockchain. They work very similarly to Ether in Ethereum in that when a user wants to make a new contract using the Antshares blockchain, they have to pay a certain amount of Antcoins to do so. Also, whenever a miner adds another block on to the blockchain, they include a transaction that creates a certain amount of Antcoins which serves as their payment.

Where to Learn More

More on ANS can be found via their whitepaper.

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