Building a Simple, Local, Python Blockchain – Part 2

Introduction – Mining Local Blocks in Python In this guide, we will implement a local proof-of-work mining algorithm in python to illustrate how blocks are mined on a network like Bitcoin. This is a continuation of the original¬†Building a Simple, Local, Python Blockchain – Part 1. Note:¬†A few tweaks from the Part 1 code will […]

Cryptocurrency Market News for December 28, 2017

BOOM! Bitcoin is down just like that. The Weak buying power has caused a ralley in the ALTS, but BTC is not out for the count just yet. Where has the top 10 gone? besides ripple, the top 10 have been at a standstill. See more below. Bitcoin Donwfall, ALTS Rise Bitcoin has drastically lost […]

indaHash: A One Stop Shop for Brands, Influencers, and Fans

Social media has become an essential part of everyday life for millions of people as they use it to follow and keep updated on their favorite movies, music, and internet celebrities. The range of influence that these celebrities possess is massive, and many companies and brands pay top dollar for ads and product placement in […]