Cryptocurrency Market News for December 28, 2017

BOOM! Bitcoin is down just like that. The Weak buying power has caused a ralley in the ALTS, but BTC is not out for the count just yet. Where has the top 10 gone? besides ripple, the top 10 have been at a standstill. See more below. Bitcoin Donwfall, ALTS Rise Bitcoin has drastically lost […]

indaHash: A One Stop Shop for Brands, Influencers, and Fans

Social media has become an essential part of everyday life for millions of people as they use it to follow and keep updated on their favorite movies, music, and internet celebrities. The range of influence that these celebrities possess is massive, and many companies and brands pay top dollar for ads and product placement in […]

CoinMarketCal: Scraping Information for Crypto Analysis

Warning: has changed layouts, thus the code no longer applies – still a great guide & reference.     If you’ve ever been to, you’ll noticed an abundance of crowd sourced information about cryptocurrency updates, roadmaps, and other changes. I wanted to use the crowdsourced roadmap data to see if it had any […]

Getting Started with the CryptoCompare API in Python

If you’ve ever browsed, you’ll find it to be a wealth of crypto knowledge on anything from mining to ICO’s to exchanges. It’s user friendly website is built to be accessed by anyone regardless of experience, but what many people don’t realize is the vast amount of information that can be used for analytics […]

Researching ICO’s: A Study of Two Initial Coin Offerings

With more ICO’s being released everyday, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to filter out scams and low-potential coins from influential ideas and high-growth coins. This guide serves to analyze the potential of ICO’s in the long term. It is not meant to find coins that will make you lots of money very quickly. Instead, it relies on […]

Beginning Solidity: Creating a Cryptocurrency Token on the Ethereum Network

If it seems like there’s a new cryptocurrency being released every day, it’s because there is. Some of the big crypto-players have set up platforms to make the creation of your own ‘cryptocurrency’ simple. For example, Ethereum-based projects like Golem and Augur. These are run on the same blockchain as Ethereum, so they’re typically referred to […]

Cryptocurrency Comparison: What are the Differences Between the Major Altcoins?

A quick glance into the Top 100 on CoinMarketCap can inspire many questions. Why are there so many different cryptocurrencies? What do they all do? Which ones are important? In this article I attempt to highlight the main differences between altcoins, in order of their current market capitalizations. I have excluded Bitcoin and Ether for […]

Importing Altcoin Data with Python and The CoinMarketCap API

With a new handful of ICO’s happening every week, the cryptospace has become awash with altcoins, making it increasingly hard to keep up with hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The magnitude of cryptocurrencies makes investing in altcoins fairly difficult, forcing investors to base their assumptions on speculation. As an attempt to alleviate this, I’m going to write a series of […]